3D Print Margo's Dog named Eddie!

Here is the third model that we are releasing for your 3D printing pleasure from the Margo movie series. It is Eddie, Margo's dog.

Margo's workshop is filled with advanced prototypes of technology that nobody else in the world has ever seen. One eveniong, she brings her dog, Eddie to the workshop and he immediately goes to a section of the workshop filled with jet turbines and returns with a jet pack on his back. He trots over to a wall, nuzzles a brick and a secret escape exit opens up. After barking 3 times, the turbines windup and Eddie is flying out the secret escape exit into the night sky.

"Having a flying dog will probably come in handy." thinks Margo as Eddie returns making a crash landing and trotting over to sit at her side.

What other types of contraptions could Eddie rustle up from the depths of Margo's workshop?

Download the files for Eddie and print him out on your favorite 3D printer today. We created our model of Eddie on the MakerBot Replicator Z18. If you're inspired and want to get one yourself, just use the discount code TENOFFZ18 to get a special Bold Machines discount on a MakerBot Replicator Z18 for the month of October only.