Bold Machines: Bridge Worker for the Margo Movie

In every great work, there is comic relief. In Hamlet, Shakespeare used the gravediggers to offer comedic commentary. In the muppets, Statler and Waldorf offer critical commentary. 

In Margo, there are two bridge workers who offer comedic relief and today we are releasing the files for you to download the first bridge worker from Thingiverse and assemble and paint.

The city has been trying to track down a power draw from the network for years. They know that there is a lot of power being pulled from the Brooklyn bridge but they can't account for it. (The power is going to Margo's workshop to power her experiments and her large 3D printers) The city has assigned two bridge workers to track down the power usage. They've been looking for years to try and explain the mystery. From their vantage point on the bridge, they offer their commentary and perspective on the city and the gossip.

This model was printed on a MakerBot Replicator Z18. Use the code TENOFFZ18 at checkout to get the Bold Machines discount.

This model was created to spec by the talented Jose Alves da Silva and painted by Adrian Yablin.