Tom Baker is a Mechanic and Margo's Friend

Margo has gotten access to her parents secret technology workshop underneath the brooklyn bridge and has more access to cool gadgets and tech than someone wearing a bat suit. 

But if she's going to get to the bottom of the mystery surrounding the psychosmelling chemicals that Mr. Walthersnap is using to brainwash the local population, having a friend or two won't hurt. She's got her dog, but when the smell sensor network starts to get fussy, she brings in her friend Tom Baker to give her a hand with the mechanical side of things while she digs into the code. Tom Baker is like MacGuyver or Murdoch on the A-team. He has the magic touch with mechanical contraptions.

This model was created to spec by the talented Jose Alves da Silva and painted by Adrian Yablin. (Adrian pictured above with Tom)

This model was created to show what the MakerBot Replicator Z18 can do. If you want to get one, use the code TENOFFZ18 at checkout to get hooked up with a great deal. Also, go check out all the models in the Margo series on Thingiverse!