Kyrgstzt the Driver and Chemist (Margo Movie Character)

To the world, Kyrgstzt is Mr. Walthersnap's driver, but his background is much more colorful. His background is in synthetic aliphatics which are a specialized chemical agent. Shunned and humiliated by the perfume industry, Kyrgstzt's turned to alternate sources of support to develop his mind altering chemicals. 

Of course he turned to Mr. Walthersnap who is utilizing Kyrgstzt's talent to manipulate the minds of those around him. Kyrgstzt has become Mr. Walthersnap's right hand man.  

The aliphatic compound is being deployed in cologne and also as an additive in petrol. Whoever is within smelling distance of Mr. Walthersnap falls under his power. 

Note: Now that we've shared half a dozen models, you are getting an idea for the style of the characters. Mr. Walthersnap is going to need a car to drive around in with his driver/chemical developer. What kind of car should Mr. Walthersnap drive? We need ideas so we can create a model!

This model was created to spec by the talented Jose Alves da Silva and painted by Adrian Yablin

This model was created to show what the MakerBot Replicator Z18 can do. If you want to get one, use the code TENOFFZ18 at checkout to get hooked up with a great deal. Also, go check out all the models in the Margo series on Thingiverse!