Print and Assemble the 3D Printed Movie's Lead Character: Margo

Margo is our main character in our movie about a young woman who becomes a detective after she discovers her parents' workshop full of advanced technology. She will put that technology to work solving mysteries and catching crooks. 

You'll notice a few things about the files for Margo when you download them. The first thing is how rich in detail they are. Jose Alves da Silva did an amazing job of designing her.

You'll also notice that the models don't require support material. The models for Margo were masterly crafted to be 3D printed without large overhangs. Download the files for Margo's assembly Thingiverse.

Click this image to see all the details.

The way that they fit together masks the seams. 

We did some tests with painting Margo. If you print and paint her, we'd love to see what you come up with.

The directions for assembly are pretty straightforward. Print out the parts on your 3D printer and glue them together using the exploded instructions above. Painting is optional, but we'd love to see what a puppet painter or makeup artist would do to bring this model to life. Go download the models now!