Milestone Studio Oncolight prototype for Vista Dental

In the US 40,000 people are diagnosed with oral cancer each year (worldwide: 640.000). The survival rate after 5 years for people newly diagnosed with oral cancer is about 65%. A 50% increase in the number of new diagnoses worldwide annually of oral cancer is predicted during the next 20 years. Early detection transforms the 5 year survival rate to more than 90%. Vista Dental's OncoLight Oral Lesion Screening Kit will improve early detection of oral abnormalities by reducing false positives and improving lesion visibility (sensitivity and specificity). It also will be non-staining, non-toxic, palatable, and affordable.

Vista Dental’s OncoLight Oral Lesion Screening Kit includes an illumination device intended to locate cancer in the oral cavity in conjunction with a fluorescent dye and safety glasses. Following identification of oral mucosal abnormalities (lesions) by conventional manual and visual dental examination, the OncoLight is used to quickly monitor and evaluate these lesions in patient populations at increased risk for oral cancer. The light, which may be inserted into the oral cavity, will be used to locate dysplastic and cancerous oral mucosal tissues of the lips, gingiva, tongue, cheeks, palate, uvula, and tonsils. General dentists, hygienists, periodontists, and oral surgeons in the USA and EU (followed by practitioners in other markets) will use the OncoLight Oral Lesion Screening Kit to:

1. Enhance the identification and visualization of oral mucosal abnormalities that may not be apparent, and

2. Help identify diseased tissue around a clinically apparent lesion to aid the medical professional in determining if such abnormalities, such as oral cancer, may be at an appropriate margin for surgical excision.

About the project

Milestone-Studio managed the project's design development - from initial sketches to working alpha and beta prototypes.

The product has been tested on focus groups with a great success and is on its final approval before it release to the market.

Bold machines helped print the accurate pre-molding prototype parts of the product for ergonomic, functional and styling purposes.  They also provided a fast turn around on model post processing/finishing and feedback on areas for improvement.

The high resolution 3D printing enabled testing of the device and its different materials. We were using the Connex3/Objet 500, with the ability to mimic the behavior of a silicon non slippery base, a translucent connecting ring - to emit indicating light and a 2 piece charging body ready for assembly. The results were as close as possible to reality and we actually used the Alpha prototype charger electronics with the printed objects.

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