Brooklyn Bridge Robot - Margo Series


Our first project at Bold Machines back in 2014 was to show that anyone could make all the merchandise for a movie with a 3D printer. The team put together a treatment, developed a story, and imagined characters. We worked with Jose Alves da Silva to make these models real. 

We have a few of these models left to post including The Brooklyn Bridge Robot that we present to you today.

The Brooklyn Bridge Robot is hidden away inside a secret lab at the corner of Water & New Dock Street near the waterfront.  The lab uses massive batteries to charge the robot via electrical cables from the bridge installed during World War II.  The robot is controlled by Margo's scooter - which she can drive into the base of the robot.  It is a friendly robot - designed to assist in research and heavy rescue.

Go to and download The Brooklyn Bridge Robot, then make sure to check out all the other models in the Margo series