Emerging Objects Geodesic Dome

Epic June begins here at Bold Machines with this epic project! Make sure to stay tuned on Twitter and Facebook to see an epic project every week day of June!

The Emerging Objects Geodesic Dome, with almost 2000 individual pieces, is the largest cohesive structure we've ever seen made out of 3D printed parts. Being inside of it, there is a small echo and the lack of any corners in the space evokes an otherworldly feeling. This is not a normal room.

Bold Machines has been working with Emerging Objects to create the Emerging Objects Geodesic Dome since May 2013. Collaborative discussions  about materials and printing strategies have been happening between Emerging Objects and with Robert Steiner, General Manager at Bold Machines for a long time. The result is this EPIC project. 

Hundreds of hours of printing resulted in a garage full of boxes full of different parts. Assembled modularly into hexagons and stars and then held together with pop rivets, there were weeks of labor in assembly. First we assembled the star and hexagon components and then we assembled those stars and hexagons into the final project. 

Bold Machines is proud to be associated with this project and congratulate Emerging Objects on their groundbreaking innovative project.  

Emerging Objects is an independent, creatively driven, 3D Printing MAKE-tank specializing in innovations in 3D printing architecture and building components. 

Ronald Rael, CEO and Co-Founder
Associate Professor of Architecture, University of California Berkeley

Virginia San Fratello, Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder
Assistant Professor of Design, San José State University

Stephan Adams, President

Inquiries and PR requests as well as design and file questions should be directed to Emerging Objects.