Epic Day of Movie Props

Today all we are doing is showcasing the talents of Steve and Nate. 

Steve Gonzales is an amazing print specialist. He spent years managing the Botfarm and is a top notch bot mechanic.  He's also has a fondness for making replica props from movies. Check out his replica guns inspired by Thorn Link, Judge Dread and Star Trek.

Star Trek Phaser

Thorn Link Gun

Judge Dredd 

Nate Worth is a talented product engineer who has the superpower to use Magics Software to make any model printable.  He has taken a T Rex model and modified it to print on the z18 andlook like it just came out of an archaeologist's dig.  Working with a PLA model base, Nate used spot putty, and layers of acrylic paint/wash to give this print a 10 million year aging.