Margo is a smart young detective. Her parents have gone missing on a space exploration mission. She receives a cryptic message and a key that leads her to discover her parent’s secret laboratory under the Brooklyn Bridge. It's a cutting edge laboratory full of contraptions, robots, and a jet pack for her dog. She's going to need all the advanced tech she can get because she's also just uncovered a sinister plot schemed up by a local business mogul, Mr. Walthersnap, who turns out to be a bad guy.

This idea was to make characters for a movie. We developed characters, got models made, and now we have done the whole movie-making backwards by starting with the merchandising. It's all 3D printable movie merchandising, of course. 

Margo is a downloadable character that you can make on your 3D printer.  We hired Jose Alves da Silva as the 3D character artist and illustrator for the project and he's taken our rough sketches and character descriptions to create amazing 3D models that will make you say "wow." The models are detailed enough for a large format 3D printer like the Stratasys Fortus 900 or the MakerBot Replicator Z18 and yet they can also be printed on the small scale 3D printers like the Solidscape MAX2, high precision 3D Printer or MakerBot Replicator Mini.

We invite you to visit Margo's Thingiverse page and download the files to make the models from the series. Please give us your feedback and show us what Margo looks like when she's been 3D printed on your own 3D printer. Please click the "I Made One" button on Margo's Thingiverse page and uploading a photo. Bonus points for photographing the model outside.